" To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world." Well i wont open the doors nor the windows to my world, but I'm ready to allow peep-holes!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I am losing-
losing my marbles again,
trying to kill myself over and over again;

Suffocating my mind-
loosing the wings of sanity in a world full of loonies;

They stare with their frozen eyes and much cooler embrace,
they stare for they enjoy the madness of my dance
and embrace me-
coz craziness only attracts pity;

I mock you,
I mock them,
most of all i mock the secret talker-
the conversationalist who talks to me day in and day out,
tells me that i dont even need to fight: for love,ecstacy, air or life...

I listen to it,
and then to you too
and all those voices which dont seem to be like musical hues...

I live on-
living at peace with my blues,
laugh on till it gets too loud for my ears too...