" To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world." Well i wont open the doors nor the windows to my world, but I'm ready to allow peep-holes!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I am alright

i thought i was alright

as lost as i was

i thought i was alright

nothing could fit into place

but i was happy

i thought all was well

i thought i was alright

the world was revolving

and so was i

but i thought i was alright

torments never mattered

as i held my head high

i thought i was alright

nothing really mattered

neither the world nor i

i thought i was alright

i met you i laughed and i laughed some more

still i was alright

so much better than alright

i guess

i was happy

i saw me

i found you

i touched my low

i touched my high

i touched you

all was alright

and so was i

i needed a hand

i found another soul

my angel i said

i found my dream

i needed to cry

you held me tight

as you lay next to me

trying to push everything away

but i wouldn't stop

you knew what mattered was you

i needed you

you gave me comfort

you let me cry

you held me tight

i was ok

everything was alright

i guess

i was happy

remember that day

not so long ago

you held my hand

we walked through lonely streets

not so alone

i had you

you had me

i had everything

the dark corners didnt scare me anymore

maybe i didnt care no more

i held you

you held me

we had control

i was alright

i stand here sometimes

looking far far away

remembering a long lost summer afternoon

and the bus ride

you were so close

everything seemed alright

i stand here

every day

every night

every single moment of my life

trying not to think

trying not to recapitulate

every thing that felt so right

the days dont pass

and the night seems lonelinier still

i think i'm alright

sometimes i need to hear your voice

sometimes i need your touch

your arms

our talks

the way you smelled

deep into myself i just need to see

i can hear you still

smell the way you smelled

feel your touch

see you smile

or was that your grin?

i think i'm alright

you are with me

you are within me

and i'm happier still

i guess

i am alright