" To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world." Well i wont open the doors nor the windows to my world, but I'm ready to allow peep-holes!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Pursuit of Happiness

of a man on the movie screen
i watch you staring back at me.

you look with your sultry eyes,
and make me want to realise-
all thats gone and over with,
i still think it does exist.

deep in my thoughts
my naked eyes
see and visualise.

a dream that holds me by the locks
a scream-deep inside
through the movie screen.

of a man who looks at me,
and makes me stop wanting to be...

a kid whose innocent smile,
is reminiscent of a thousand lies...

a mother who was once so free,
feels tied down to destiny.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Deal

The "Prince" of Eden-
for he got the throne.
"The Prince of hearts"
was how he was popularly known.

Twenty he was when he died,
"twenty", "just twenty"
everyone cried.

he passed the oceans,
he passed the seas
and entered a land full of dreams.

Dreams they were-
as the saints had said,
now he knew-
that he had entered the land of the dead.

all night all day
and he would pray,
pray-for one chance
to live it all again.

finally the silence was broken by a voice
that told him that he had a choice.
but to choose,
he had to say
what made him want to go back to play?

"My life was not a play!
It was full of sunshine and hay.
No wars no grief,
No sadness no gloom,
all was presented in a platter-
I was set to bloom."

"You've got a deal my child,
now you must play.
Like a normal Prince
you'll be born again."

twnety years had passed,
he had yet to bear the slay.
Then, he met "Tiera"-
the prettiest of all.

She laughed with him,
she cried with him
and would lay her life for him.

she loved him-
more than words could portray,
he married her
to prove to her
that she would not be betrayed.

finally, the day arrived-
when Tiera lay on her death bed-
moments away from her last breath.

it was also the day-
When the king had to fight
Go on the battle-
for which he had won the right.

He won the battle,
He lost his wife,
he fought- till he lost his life.

Up in heaven once again,
"I have won this once,
but i have lost,
lost everything for which i prayed,
for to my wife-
i have betrayed."

"Yes my child",
the voice replied...

"you have won
won the game that you were meant to play
for your men- you have not betrayed...

As for your life-
it was all a part of the deal,

For some sadness, some gloom
were all that you wanted to feel!"