" To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world." Well i wont open the doors nor the windows to my world, but I'm ready to allow peep-holes!

Friday, July 11, 2008

someday love will find you

Someday love will find you

And ask of where you’ve been

You in your motion picture

Might call it a magical thing

For those of you who stand there looking

It’s the worst kind of sin

With empty eyes

And jagged stares

You’ll pierce its heart

Bleed a voice

It won’t be the wounded love

The incessant cry might be yours

But then maybe

You’ll stay there soundless

Hard and numb

Whispery sorrows waiting to benumb

Feet will be heavy

Ground quick sand

You in the middle

Nothing to understand

Or it might be you

The happy and the creep

Standing there laughing

Calling it nature’s cheek

You the almighty

And god your meddling freak

Better off than that crazy one

Who walks back all the way

Finds love in the middle of the street one day

And traverses the path everyday

Passing by the ghettos

Where those waiting for love’s arrival stay

The crooked and the hungry

Pitiable in their own pathetic way

Tall will stand those who were widowed

By loves helpless way

In eyes of others

Calling for love to show up again

Hoping in the deadened night

Of comfort brought by his arms

Questions crossing thy fruitless brain

When loving will call upon

Which one would you choose to play?


What's In A Name ? said...

waaah...u becomin prolific now. good! :)

The Solitary Writer. said...

"The crooked and the hungry Pitiable in their own pathetic way Tall will stand those who were widowed By loves helpless way In eyes of others Calling for love to show up again"

these lines really meant lot....k any way ur blog is awesome

u make a good poet

do join in the poetry contest :)

btw i am coming here for the fist time....hope u wont mind me blogrolling u .......do visit my blog....

The Lover said...

Beautiful poetry! I loved this! Cheers!

The Lover


Sach said...

Love surely does find everyone some or the other day..
Btw I really loved these,
**But then maybe
You’ll stay there soundless
Hard and numb
Whispery sorrows waiting to benumb**

Anonymous said...

oh god!! another one.. m speechless wid dis too.. amazing!! yaar tu lawyer kyun ban rahi hai.. go strt writing...n jus write!!

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

to everyone:
thank you for dropping by and appreciating my work even though i've resumed writing after a long gap.

what's in a name:
yes that happens when outlets are minimal!

the solitary writer:
of course i dont mind, in fact im highly obliged and happy too.

thank you, but may i know who this is?

Rajesh said...

Prolific writing seriously... Incredible...amazing.. exemplary...what more!!!...nice poem.. Blog rolling U :)

P.S: Do visit my blog

Impressionist said...

I hope Love doesnt find me! :D


ArAdHanA said...

Hope it does find me one day;)

Lovely as always..
u ameliorating into a varnished poetess aham!

http://aradhana693.blogspot.com/ is my blog..still a novice..plzz visit(m endorsing it nowadys;)

Kartik Shankar said...

Am pitching in uninvited. Though I simply had to reply to your post with one of mine :)

Here Goes:

I speak of castles, castles so high,
Sweet dreams atop, falsities - oh fie!
No spear, No sword - I thought could break,
A love filled world that I would make.

So thoughts they are, thoughts - warm and deep,
And as it were, you'd smile and weep,
For thus rolls life - no tears, no smile,
Nary a truth, Nary a lie!

Not brick and stone, but blood and tears,
And fate looks down and mocks and jeers,
Oh Castles built high up yonder,
Are broken, bruised but how I ponder.

A Woebegone heart in a feisty soul,
A new start beckons - a new goal,
Teary eyed no more - go forth fair one!!
A good tear shed - a good deed done.

Sob not for love, sob not for grief,
Sob if you must in sheer disbelief,
The truth so dark, the truth so stark,
Slumber no more - hark my words - hark!

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

Thank you. And as much as i would like to visit your blog, i cant. the college authorities have blocked my access to this part of life-its only my own which i can access!

Thank you!

I hope it doesnt ;)

I hope you pitch in more, this time you are invited!

purple deepens.. said...

your characteristic stillness is still so beautiful..

thank you for this one.

AMIT said...

Woww Very lovely written.

Lingerie Alley

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Anonymous said...

hi everybody

Just saying hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

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