" To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world." Well i wont open the doors nor the windows to my world, but I'm ready to allow peep-holes!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Its you and me

Like a silent thought in memory,

you sit there where my heart keeps you warm-

forever in my dreams.

Its forever-

this feeling.

Like a mild breeze,

you remind me of the days

of beloved dreams,

etched in my heart-

my eyes cannot see,

but love it shall be.

Like a warm caress,

your memory keeps me safe,

wild dreams dont stand a chance;

Its forever as they say.

Like the rain on soil

you came close to me,

like the parched earth-

I imbibed you in me.

You are here forever now

as is this feeling in me;

You are here forever now

this barren land shall no longer seek.

Its only you and me.


The Acid Tongue said...

ek aur confusion!!!!
Pehle pre and post relationship mein confused tha.. ab to present tense lag ra hai!!!
Mujhe samjhaaaaaaaaao...

@'It's you and me'
The words are beautifully chosen,and arranged so perfectly, if i could make a bouquet of words, this would be it.
PS: one question though (and expecting a better answer than"keep guessing" this time,hehe)
Is this inspired by your own life?

Sach said...

hey u hav an awesum blog...i liked many poems spclly "its u n me", "love me the way you do" (d title is same as da 1 i am writting :)), walk back home, i am alright, slave of destiny, dreams nd what not...can i blogroll u ??

Neo said...

hey i loved your blog! lets exchange links!! uve been added already

crimsonflaw said...

this barren land shall no longer seek ... that is the thought that i found most beautiful in the way the idea of presence merged with arrival.

and i tried to leave a comment elsewhere but your blog wouldnt allow me the pleasure.

and yes suicide is an act of hypocrisy...one dies of life when it becomes too beautiful to bear.


PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

acid tongue:
Now, now, lets confuse you a bit more...
you think its the present thingy? then how bout these lines:
Like a silent thought in memory

you remind me of the days

my eyes cannot see,

you came close to me!

hope that solves ur confusion a bit, just one more thing-its present and post too ;)

by the by, thanx for the "flattering" compliment, i truly am flattered.

The Lad said...

Now we see you are feeling pretty elated and happy ...
This was indeed a very good piece..the words..the rhyming..the floww...
:) loved it!

purple deepens.. said...

"You are here forever now
this barren land shall no longer seek."

barren it shall still remain,
yet no longer seek.

i detect a lot of depth in those lines.Keep it deep :)

pRicky said...

but the question that I have are...
What is forever? How do you define it?
And why is forever neccessary?

Jeya Anand said...

Lovely ...are ur poems always embossed in love?? gr8!!

The Acid Tongue said...

mujhe lagaa it was about you being in the present and thinkin' about all the good times and all.

//by the by, thanx for the "flattering" compliment, i truly am flattered.
Don't get used to it
muhuhahaha ;)

Dream catcher said...

forever..ha ha..lets c..
well no comments for this..tk

Rajeev said...

i had written a similar poem!
Its "you and me"
i mean Not U and ME, but the title was "you and me" confused?
lol! dont be.
it reminded me of it!:)
nice lines! :)

peace & love

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

i'll surely add you to my blogroll and ofcourse u can too (dont even have to ask about it.) the pleasure is mine.
i hope its just the titles that match ;)
thanks for the compliment! :)

thank you and same to you ;)
i'll add you too.

im glad you liked it.
i dont know why you were unable to leave a comment. i hope i knew.
but thanks anyways :)

The lad:
thanks for the visit upon the blog and for leaving a compliment.
if you guys keep appreciating what i write then that would make a part of me happy (like everyone else)
what is ur name by the way?!

Purple deepens:
thank you for always appreciating my work and noticing that which most people might not.

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

forever would be something that lasts till eternity.
but if i were to define it, then i wouldnt know if i can think of anything that last for that much time.and if it anything did exist for that long a period then i wouldnt believe in it-because i wont live til eternity to be sure of it.
but practically speaking (and the way i use it in my poem),eternity would be a relative term. let me explain it in this way-something that lasts till my lifetime will be "forever" for me, something that lasts ur lifetime would be forever for you!
why is forever necessary?
well it isnt necessary, but if something does last forever and u dont have control over it or feel that you dont then it should not be called "necessary".its an essentiality of one's existence.necessary would be when one can stay without it but chooses not to, essentiality of existence on the other hand would be something without which life itself isnt possible.
hope i made sense and answered your questions.
if u still have doubts or contradictions, dont hesitate to put them across.
its a pleasure to have ur views questioned, thats the only way i get a chance to think deeper about them :)

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

jeya anand:
thank you for your appreciation. my poems arent always about love in the strict sense. sometimes they revolve around life, god and all. eg "conversations with god","the deal","lessons from nature" etc.
another thing, im unable to get thru to your blog!

acid tongue:
damn! could not confuse you this time ;)
and no, i wont get used to your compliments. there are very few things in life that i get used to :)

i've put across my views about "forever" to pricky in my reply. please refer to that ;)
and its ok, u may say u disliked a post if you do, rather than saying "no comments." afterall thats the reason why the link says "comments" and not compliments! ;)

thank you :)
i'll look forward to reading it. hope its in your blog.its always a delight to read what you write.
and no i didnt get confused.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

with Jagjit Singh's " Tumko dekha to yeh khayal ayaa......." playing on my PC this sounded all the more good!

The Acid Tongue said...

//damn! could not confuse you this time ;)
Haha, tell u what, i was kidding all this time. just to strike up a conversation :D

//and no, i wont get used to your compliments. there are very few things in life that i get used to :)

3 doors down-changes. I'd like to dedicate tis sog to you here.

backpakker said...

very beautiful poem...the word imbibed is very powerful...

The Lad said...

Waiting for new one!

Dream catcher said...

yeah thats y i didn't say no compliments.. i said no comments..

every writer has its personal foreground and background..we cant judge it..

Keshi said...

wow this is sooo beautiful.


Phoenix said...

Beautiful it is, but nothing is forever, sadly not even the pain.

The Prabhdeep said...

hey new post. lets see if u like it. btw ur blogs kinda becomin a habit..

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

What's in a name:
me complimenting jagjit singh's song! wow! thats a really nice compliment. thank you :)

Acid tongue:
thanks for the song dedication. im not sure if i've heard it. will load it someday!

thank you for taking out time to compliment what i wrote :)

the lad:
unfortunately i've not been able to access blogger from hostel. now that im home, i'll surely post something that i wrote a few days back.hope you like it.

Dream catcher:
hope u'll leave a comment on my next posts!

glad you liked it!

thank you :)
i hope your words are true!

i'll check out your post.
i hope my blog is included in the good habits ;)

Anonymous said...

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