" To understand just one life, you have to swallow the world." Well i wont open the doors nor the windows to my world, but I'm ready to allow peep-holes!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Night

Align Center

Sullen skies of ecstasy
Distant from earth-
The ground
That holds me,
Thou I shall never see
For far from reality
You seem to be;

Oh! zephyr of midnight bliss
I refuse to let you
Caress me
For far from comfort
I shall always be;

Twinkling stars
Of hope you speak
Shielding sorrow
Swathe me
For far from sight
Does hope gleam;

“My” moon
You were once to me
Now a distant foe
You seem to be,
You bring with you
Your friend the night
Whose darkness imbibes me
For far from dreams
I seem to be...


Alok said...

Of hope you speak
Shielding sorrow
Swathe me
For far from sight
Does hope gleam

- oh yes it does .. beautifully expressed ..

However I couldn't picture the first line .... "Sullen skies of ecstasy"


Phoenix said...

Sullen skies of ecstasy and yet talks of foes...no moon is ever a foe, truly, for the night is always a friend, waiting for u with its embrace...

Impressionist said...

love it love it love it!!!
each stanza better than the previous!


The Gamer said...

Far from the dreams
I seem to b....

Far from the real
u should be....

orgasmik said...

So quickly the sunrise will efface the sullen nights. And pouring golden honey, the moon will come again, making the nights full with dreams.
And, when wounds shall be healed, the wounded will in turn become the healer.
All this will be depending upon where thou shall be. With the thoughts of your foe.Or in the skies of ecstasy!!
Well dear, spread your seraphic wings and take on your flight beyond the cascades of crimson lights.

orgasmik said...

In what silences have those seraphic eyes drowned in..??

Shall i hear soon from them...


Sach said...

you are tagged!

Anna said...

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Sach said...

hey whr hav u been???
long time no post??

zephyr said...


What's In A Name ? said...

beautiful. I wonder why you keep being so irregular in posting such poems.

the_harpooner said...

awesome!...no other word!

The Acid Tongue said...

I wish you feel this.
I really do.
Btw, i feel orgasmic to be back on the blogging scene. Missed you guys so damn much!